Trauma Informed Prevention and Intervention of Domestic Sex Trafficking

St Clair Tri-County Staff Training & Development Committee Presents…

Trauma Informed Prevention & Intervention of Domestic Sex Trafficking

Many social service providers in clinical and non-clinical settings, child welfare workers, residential staff as well as foster parents and kin caregivers will come across youth and young adults who are victims/survivors of domestic sex trafficking. We will discuss the vulnerabilities that are often seen in at-risk youth as well as the impacts of trauma in the brain for youth who have been involved in domestic sex trafficking.

Participants will learn ways to specifically identify if someone is being trafficked, to better understand the reality of being trafficked in Ontario and provide an introduction into how to intervene effectively.

Learning Outcomes
1. Understand the reality of human trafficking in an Ontario context and identify myths and misconceptions
2. Examine the stages of commercial sexual exploitation
3. Identify risk and vulnerability factors as well as sex trafficking warning signs/indicators
4. Be introduced to the stages of Change Intervention Model as it applies to sex trafficking

Instructors: Julia Cusato & Karly Church

DATE: Thursday, May 12, 2022
TIME: 9 am – 12 pm

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