7 Keys: Intentional Thinking Points

St Clair Tri-County Staff Training & Development Committee Presents…

7 Keys: Intentional Thinking Points

With over 5000 hours of personal, business, & executive coaching experience, Karen has had the privilege of working with incredible individuals in pursuit of their personal and professional goals. In her desire to understand the dynamics that contributed to so many clients reaching their outcomes, Karen analyzed and compared the attributes of clients who experienced success through coaching, with those who stayed stuck. The data gathered in Karen’s research & analysis drove the development of 7Key Intentional Thinking Points™. It has been proven to her time after time that, that people who are intentional in their awareness, connections, decisions, impact, presence, growth & intuition become empowered to create a life that aligns them to happiness, peace of mind, and success.

Over the last two years, the 7Keys have further developed into the 7KITP Philosophy™ and the exclusive coaching and training program 7KCC™ (7Keys for Corporate Cohesiveness) that uses the 7KEYS to bring people of an organization together through empowering leadership, meaningful communication, and purpose-driven teams.

Learning Outcomes
1. Empowering Leadership
2. Meaningful Communication
3. Purpose Driven Teams

Presenter: Karen Amilin

“I have been honored to work with some incredible people throughout my career. There is nothing more gratifying for me professionally, than witnessing my clients’ achieving their desired outcomes. I want people to succeed at achieving their “crazy ideas” because anything they imagine to be possible, IS.”

COST: $25 per person
DATE: October 6, 2022
TIME: 9 am – 12 pm

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