Stealing Happiness from Life and Work – It’s An Inside Job

St Clair Tri-County Staff Training & Development Committee Presents…

Stealing Happiness from Life and Work – It’s An Inside Job

Learning Objectives: Where can our driven-ness to ruminate and our experiences of anxiety, depression, and difficult feelings come from? How do we manage it and the neuroscience behind it. How do we build resilience for ourselves and those we support?

Facilitator – Peter Marks, CEO A Centre for Conscious Care
To say the least, Peter is not new to the world of developmental services. He has facilitated over 35 years of Human & Health Services’ organization & leadership development to facilitate effective, conscious and compassionate care and support. Peter is the Co-founder and CEO of A Centre for Conscious Care & Support, and has acted as an international Mindfulness Facilitator since 1993. He has also acted as a Co-founder, Director and/or consultant in numerous Developmental Services and Mental Health Service systems across Canada. Peter has been a guest lecturer and keynote speaker at various universities, conferences and Human and Health Services’ Organizations. Finally, Peter has 30+ years of direct service as a volunteer with families and numerous human and health service providers.

Co-Facilitator – Adriana McVicker, Community Living Windsor
Adriana brings a sincere passion to help others in her work within the field of developmental services. For the last 13 years, Adriana has worked with Community Living Windsor in various roles including direct support and in positions of management including support services, staff development, communications, community building and project management. With her education in developmental psychology, sociology and health sciences, she deeply values using a comprehensive approach while providing quality supports to people and families. She is a true believer that all of us are interdependent and that we each carry a responsibility to help one another be the best we can.

Cost: FREE
DATE: May 18, 2021
TIME: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm