Digital Dependency – Be smart on the internet!



Workshop Description:
The evolution of the internet bore new means to entertain, communicate with others, engage in self expression, gamble, and so much more. As care providers we must be aware of emerging trends, risks, benefits, and considerations when supporting clients who engage in any online activities.

In the morning session, Tamara Dick, Special Constable, Crime Prevention and Public Safety
Chatham-Kent Police Service will address internet safety and personal safety on the street. The
presentation on internet safety will include cyberbullying, internet dangers, predators on the internet, and issues with social networking. She will discuss crime prevention for home and work as well as being on the street. Tips on what to do and not to do in public situations/environments i.e. elevators, school campus, parking lots, ATM’s, when using public transit, and home situations will also be discussed.

Afternoon presenters, Chelsea (Romualdi) Rodrigues & Phil West, are from Hôtel-Dieu Grace
Healthcare in Windsor where Ontario’s only Residential Treatment Program for Internet & Video dependency is operated. Chelsea & Phil will offer information on how to navigate platforms like online gaming and social media, how to recognize a possible dependency on screens (including smart phones), and an opportunity for you to reflect on how people you support use these devices as well as your own use. Harm reduction strategies will be discussed during this interactive presentation, and a plethora of resources will be provided that will prove useful professionally and personally.

Cost:  $45.00 (includes lunch and all printed resources). No refunds will be issued, please send an alternate

Location:  Country View Golf Course, Highway 40 North between Chatham & Wallaceburg

When: March 15, 2018 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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