Conscious Care and Support



Workshop Description:

As the CEO and Co-founder of A CENTRE FOR CONSCIOUS CARE, Peter Marks will lead this workshop. Peter has provided leadership development to facilitate effective, conscious and compassionate care and support to human and health service organizations for over 35 years. Joining Peter will be Jessica Sherman, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, and Elizabeth Bell a Registered Occupational Therapist.

Learning Objectives for the day include:

DAY ONE – Biomedical Approach to Wellness – Participants will be introduced to the most critical and prevalent unmet needs of people  supported. These unmet needs can result in their nervous system becoming anxious. This generally cascades into agitation, anger and sometimes aggression. Peter will review the CCS model including the gaps in service, the biomedical hierarchy of needs and being an emotionally-regulated supporter. Jessica will review holistic nutrition to increase resilience and self-regulation and various testing including an Organic Acids Test. Elizabeth will cover sensory integration and processing and using a holistic approach to meet those needs.

DAY TWO – Becoming a Mindful and Emotionally Mature Supporter –  Mindful and emotionally mature supporters learn to read and be intuitive of the supported person’s unmet needs much sooner. They respond with practical interactions from a place of knowing, respect and authentic kindness based on self-awareness and emotional self-regulation. Together we will cover the neuroscience behind mindfulness, review the skills needed to become emotionally self-regulated supporters, practice skills of self-reflection, and understand our biases and filters that can create barriers for us as supporters to bring our a-game.

  • PETER MARKS, has 30+  years of direct service as a volunteer with families and numerous human and health services providers. Peter’s background includes: University of Toronto, School of Social Work Continuing Education Faculty Member; Author of Conscious Care and Support; Guest lecturer and keynote speaker at various universities, conferences and human / health services organizations.  Peter is an International Mindfulness Facilitator in Canada, United States and Mexico since 1993.
  • JESSICA SHERMAN, specializes in pediatric, family and maternal nutrition. Working within the framework of functional nutrition, her end goal is to guide clients  towards safe, natural and effective tools to help raise physically and mentally resilient children.  Jessica has training in weight management, herbal medicine, biomedical approaches to autism spectrum disorders, functional medicine, nutritional supplements, bio-individual nutrition and is a certified Gut and Psychology Syndrome Practitioner.
  • ELIZABETH BELL,  her passion and interest in human development and neurology lead to her continued training in sensory integration and work with individuals with autism spectrum disorders. Elizabeth provides a voice for the ‘misunderstood and hidden’ challenges involved with sensory processing and regulation disorders. Her work includes helping children with mental health issues, including anxiety, Tourettes, OCD, and ODD.

Cost: $100.00 (includes both days, lunch and printed material). No refunds will be issued, please send an alternate

Location:  Country View Golf Course, Highway 40 North between Chatham & Wallaceburg

When:   May 1 & 2, 2018           9:00 – 4:00pm          Registration 8:30am

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