Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to Problematic Sexual Behaviours & Intellectual Disabilities



Workshop Description:
Bio-Psycho-Social Approach to Problematic Sexual Behaviours & Intellectual Disabilities

Learning Objectives for the day include:

  • Establish the complexities of challenging sexual behaviors, including the role of genetic
    disorders, mental health issues and other co-morbid conditions
  • Recognize the importance of Bio-Psycho-Social approaches in response to problematic
    sexual behaviours
  • Become familiar with various assessment tools that determine risk of recidivism
  • Learn what is required to implement comprehensive treatment and prevention approaches
    for problematic sexual behavior

Guest Speakers:
Deborah Richards
Registered Psychotherapist & Consultant at DS Consulting

Deborah holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Disability Studies in
addition to a Graduate Certificate in Habilitative Mental Health. She is the Co-clinician of a unique Sexual
Behaviours Clinic in Southern Ontario specific to people with intellectual disabilities and mental health
needs. In her private practice she assesses and treats individuals who have forensic related issues. She is a
strong advocate of human rights, in particular sexual rights. She has published on consent to treatment,
sexuality and relationships, and the ethics of treatment. She is an international speaker and author.

Cost:  $45.00 (includes refreshments, lunch and all printed resources)

Location:  Country View Golf Course, Highway 40 North between Chatham & Wallaceburg

When: October 26, 2017 from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm

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